It is with the help of a key cutting machine that it is possible to make duplicate keys. These machines work by tracing the original key shape using a computerized system or by comparing it with the original key.

With the use of a high speed carving knife, the key cutting machine makes a copy of the original key shape.


Key cutting machines are usually found in hardware or home improvement stores.

These machines are used to provide keys to people who have lost keys, for those who have damaged doors and to provide keys for anything that was stolen. Key Cutting MachineKey cutting machines are locksmith tools, which are found in seven types where each type of machine is used for duplicating certain types of keys. if you intend to buy key making machine, you find that a machine ranges from US$350 to US$10,000.

Automatic key cutting machines

The automatic key cutting machine is one where there is little operation by its user. All that has to be done is place the keys in the machine  wherein a micrometer measures the key twice for exact measurements.

“A titanium blade then cuts the blank key while a debarring brush removes metallic flaws to create a duplicate key in twenty seconds.”

In semi-automatic key machines, the same procedure takes place. Only difference is that the machine does not do all the work of creating a duplicate key on its own. However you have to make frequent adjustments and the end product compared to the original key for better accuracy. Code key machines have grown in popularity as more and more hotels use specially coded keys in their hotels. Here the original key is placed in the machine wherein the operator adjusts the machined to create the right notches on the card.

Use bit key cutting machines to create duplicate skeleton keys

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“If you want to duplicate a skeleton key, it can be done with a bit key cutting machine.”

These machines cut a duplicate key based on the measure of the depth of the key’s end. Laser key cutting machines work like the automatic machines; only difference is that here, lasers are used for cutting the key instead of a blade. This facilitates the placing of dimples on the key’s surface to cater to the needs of today’s high security lock and keys.

The least accurate key cutting machine is the manual one which clamps the original and duplicate keys together and then a blade is passed over the original key to cut the duplicate key found below.

Tubular key cutting machines for tubular keys

Tubular key cutting machines cater to the duplicating of keys with a tubular shape used mainly in lawn movers and snow blower engines. It is up to you to choose the key cutting machine to buy for your key duplicating needs. If you find it expensive to buy a brand new key cutting machine, there are many key machine for sale for you to consider buying. These used key machines are cheap to buy; however before you buy it, make sure its key machine parts are easily available in case the machine requires repairs.